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Why Academic Advising?  Proper developmental advising looks at the whole student: likes, dislikes, strengths and weaknesses to help students better understand themselves and the college planning process.  Students then make better and more informed decisions, which means they have a better chance at choosing the academic path that best fits them.   Hopefully that leads to a better first year in college and a more successful and enjoyable academic career. 


How is this different than meeting with a guidance counselor?  Guidance counselors do great work for a lot of students and they offer really good services for their students.  We want to build off of that and get into more depth for each student and to cover material that many counselors don't have time to get into.  We also have first-hand knoweledge of what professors want (because we are professors) and how to do well in college.


Why South Jersey Academic Advising?  We have been mentoring and advising college students for a long time (over fifty-five years among the three of us -- and we're still young!), we enjoy it and take pride in what we do; and not to be boastful, but we think we're good at it.  And students, for whatever reason, really like us!

When will workshops begin and how do I sign up?  Classes will begin April 24, 2017.  You can click on the registration button on the workshops page, or you can click here.

Do I need to buy books or other materials?  All workshop materials will be provided.

Do you offer one-on-one sessions?  Yes!  Please contact us and we will design a program to best meet your needs.

Will you get me into the college of my choice?  No.  Sorry.  Nobody can.  But, we can help you in the process of choosing and applying to colleges that are a good fit,  and give you some advice of things to do to help better your chances.

I've already figured out a career path or major -- can you still help me?  Yes, we can help you identify your strengths and weaknesses and how you can be better at what you do.  By understanding your own learning style, you can select a school and courses that are the best fit for your goals.

Will I become a super-hero if I take a workshop?  Yes.  You will gain super-human strength and knowledge of all things in this world.  And, you will become nicer, better-looking and wealthier.*  


* Not really.  That's not true.  Sorry. You might, but that's out of our hands.W